If you think being a virtual assistant is an easy-peasy job, you are right!

Working from the comforts of your home in your pajamas without the boss breathing down your neck seems to be very attractive, but only if you have the right skill set and the experience to match.

The demand for a remote assistant is increasing as more small and medium businesses realize that hiring a virtual assistant is more cost-efficient than having a full-time employee. If you think becoming a VA is your calling, pay close attention to these virtual assistant tips.

  1. Make an inventory of your strong skills. It is an advantage to be versatile; it is most advantageous for you to be highly proficient in important fields such as graphic arts, web design, SEO/SEM/SMM, and digital marketing. Knowing your strength and weaknesses can help you focus on a niche where you have the expertise.
  2. Invest on a good hardware. Unless your expertise is on the technical side, you will not need a high-end computer set to write your articles or set appointments for your client. A good laptop works just fine. Buy a durable webcam and headset. Do not forget to have a reliable internet connection installed.
  3. Make Google your best friend, research extensively and learn from the experts. Reinforce your weak points and seek knowledge from other veteran VA. You can find virtual assistant tips very valuable.
  4. Find a credible working platform such as Upwork and Freelancers.com. Make an impressive profile with a verifiable portfolio. If you are just starting out, working through an agency is a good training ground. Build your portfolio over time and when you feel you are ready to go on your own, take that risk and give it your best shot.
  5. Looking for a respectable client can be quite frustrating. Hotshot VAs did not find their good clients on their first interview. Be prepared to be disappointed with “bait and switch” offers, scammers and unpaid projects. Take all the virtual assistant tips to heart. You can find good projects via word-by-mouth. An exemplary reputation is easier to recommend to another client.
  6. Find a quiet nook where you can work in peace. A place that is conducive is where you can shut out street noise and family interference for a better audio reception.
  7. Keep a comfortable schedule you can follow and stick to it. Learn how to kill procrastination and finish deliverables on time. Self-discipline is a valuable virtue to nurture. Live the teachings you have learned from virtual assistant tips.
  8. Do not attempt to decipher vague directions from your client. Get the job done correctly by working with clear and precise instructions.
  9. Work within the agreed scope of project. A little extra mile occasionally can earn your client’s trust but it can degrade your worth in the long run. Know your boundaries.

Virtual assistant tips can only teach you the basics. Find your motivation to succeed in this field. Success does not happen overnight, if at all. It is a lot of hard work and long hours than can take its toll on your health. If you get past the hurdles, the good life awaits you.