Free Website Design


Ah, you’re finally here!
Thank you for reading our mail.

Why are we doing this?

We are looking to expand our local portfolio and there’s no better way to do it than giving out a FREE website design. 🙂

What are the coverage? 

  • We offer FREE and simple Web Design/Development service for up to 5 pages only
  • Intended for Small to Medium sized businesses only for them to start having an online presence.
  • Pay only for the Domain + Hosting yearly, and until you need a new design again
  • eCommerce Website not included
  • You supply the logo and contents

How much do I pay for the Domain + Hosting?

  • Domain is PHP700 per year
  • Hosting (Cloud) w/o Emails is PHP7200 per year
  • Hosting (SSD) w/ Emails is PHP10000 per year
  • Maintenance (Premium) is PHP3500 per month

What if we already have a domain, website and hosting?

  • That’s easy, we’ll do a redesign, resubmit to Google and migration to us
  • If you need a Full Digital Marketing project, just let us know anytime